If we have a look at the history of American nation we will see that it begins with the voyage of Europeans to the American coast. Though this act is rather symbolic, it shows that all kinds of mobility are a recurrent fact of American life.


American society has always been a society of considerable actual, potential or imagined mobility, not only in geographic sense but also in terms of social status and social class. This mobility is not merely an observable social fact, however, for it has had and continuous to have a formative influence on American culture. The idea that people arc free to leave or stay as they think fit is as significant as the fact that a considerable amount of mobility can be observed throughout American history. So we can presume that American culture originated from mobility. To grasp the importance of the idea we must examine both the history of the USA and the social psychology of immigration.


Wherever we look at people who have moved from one place to another, we see them building at least for a time a way of life that they think of as potentially permanent. They try to establish their cultural patterns, and in this process the roots of multiculturalism lie. Taking into consideration the enormous mobility we can see the way American culture channels thought and action. Many immigrant groups in this nation of immigrants developed a collective sense of ethnic loyalty and identity building it on the cultures they brought with them to the new world. Each ethnic group struggled to build a sense of place for itself by the elaboration of a way of life that would somehow fit within the larger mosaic of American society. This struggle is not just of interest to the members of a particular ethnic group, however, it has-been as influential in the formation of American culture as the larger dilemma of mobility of which it is a part.


The history of the United States depicts constant mobility of people who brought their styles of life with them. This unique fact influenced greatly American cultural pattern, which was developing on the nourishing ground of ethnicity. That was the roots of American multiculturalism which still plays an important role in the development of American society.