Cultural Values of Americans

The history of the world has been in great part the history of the mixing of people. Modern communications and transport accelerate muss migrations from one continent to another. Ethnic and racial diversity is more than even a salient fact of the age.


But what happens when people of different origins, speaking different languages and professing different religions, inhabit the same locality and live under the same political sovereignty? Unfortunately nowadays, such a situation very often ends in severe ethnic and racial conflicts, even in well-developed countries. However in the world there is one country which not only escaped ethnic conflicts but also developed a multicultural pattern of its society. That is the United States of America. The US escaped the divisiveness of a multiethnic society by a brilliant solution: the creation of a brand-new nation identity. The point of America was not to preserve old cultures but to forge a new, American culture. But this new blended American culture is not homogeneous in its nature. There is a new paradigm that emphasizes the racial and ethnic diversity of American citizens, of the many cultures that have converged there, each valuable in its own right and deserving of respect.


According to a multicultural paradigm no system of values is innately superior to any other; all cultures are created equal. And it doesn't depend on whether it is the culture of native inhabitants Indians, or of one most recent immigrants from Eastern Europe.


A short outline of a present-day American cultural paradigm will help understand social relations in the American society.


For a long time Americans were building an integrated multicultural society and now one can already judge about some results. And the main of them is the phenomenon of American culture and American nation, which consists of many different nations, which came to the USA at different time with different purposes and different cultural values. But they managed to mix all of them in one set of values — American.